The offer of GUMAT company comprises a range of silicone-based products. They can be used both in automotive and home appliance as well as in other sectors. They feature an increased resistance to high temperatures and impact of various liquids. An additional advantage is the possibility to choose the colour of the seal in accordance with the RAL colour palette.

Gumat company manufactures a wide range of seals made of materials that allow the rubber elements to operate in various conditions (resistance to UV rays, brake fluids, glycols, oil resistance, petrol resistance, etc.). These products are widely used in various industries.

GUMAT company offers a wide range of seals performed by taking advantage of die-cutting technology. These seals can be used in various sectors such as automotive, agriculture and home appliances. The die-cutting seals feature high quality of operating surfaces. Sharp edges and parallelism of the surface provide excellent adherence.

The company’s offer comprises cutting out products from rubber sheets. They can be used in elements which do not require sealing with a precise finishing of surfaces and edges. They are various types of pads, washers and spacers, products with a complex shape and a technological incision.

GUMAT also offers the following products: shock absorbers, silent blocks, metal and rubber fenders, wheels, rollers, footers, pads, restoration of machine and equipment elements. The production is performed based on metal elements delivered by customers.

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