The GUMAT company specializes in production of rubber as well as metal and rubber technical seals with a wide dimensional range. The production is performed on injection moulding machines for rubber, hydraulic presses and precise cutting machines. As the result of the Integrated Quality Management System implemented and maintained, the quality of the products is ensured. The company is a member of the Aviation Valley, East Automotive Alliance as well as a member and co-founder of the Polish Automotive Group.
Currently, the company's production facilities make around 1500 different rubber and rubber-metal products, such as flat seals, o-rings, fenders, rubber bellows, bushings, guides, valves, membranes, openwork mats, rubber sheets, washers, bushings and custom-made products. The seals are made of modern rubber compounds based on synthetic rubbers and natural rubber, resistant, inter alia, to weather conditions, oil and high temperature. Rubber, silicone, fluorine, acrylate and chloroprene compounds are used in the production. The production is carried out in accordance with the Integrated Quality Management System implemented and maintained, compliable with IATF 16949 and ISO 14001. The GUMAT’s offer comprises products that are widely used in various sectors such as: automotive, aviation, production and operation of machines, railways, sanitary, gas and chemical installations, machine tools, electric motors, construction, agriculture, household appliances and others. During the production process, various types of auxiliary machines are used, i.e.: rubber extruders, confectioning machines, cryogenic processing machines, separators, coating applicators, washing machines, dryers, and optical inspection devices.
Stable workforce allows us to carry out complex production projects. The main pillars of the business management are based on the Kaizen philosophy of lean management aimed at continuous improvement of the processes carried out.

    GUMAT Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Limited Partnership

    39-120 Sędziszów Małopolski, ul. Słoneczna 2C

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    Faks: +48 (17) 2216738


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