TSLA EXPO Rzeszów trade fair and congress. 28-29 September 2018.


As a result of participation in TSLA EXPO Rzeszów trade fair and congress our company gained several benefits. In addition to the opportunity to present ourselves at the stand, the representatives of our company took part in the congress, panel discussions. Moreover, we had the opportunity to participate in training panels organized by PGM – Polska Grupa Motoryzacyjna (Polish Automotive Group).

The participation was co-financed by Podkarpackie Province (the Marshal’s Office of the Podkarpackie Province) from the European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Podkarpackie Province for years 2014-2020, Priority axis I. Competitive and innovative economy, Measure 1.3. Promoting entrepreneurship under the project: “Economic Promotion of the Podkarpackie Province”.


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